Friday 17 July 2009

Photo album!

Ewelina and I have this really nice Pentax K200D camera with us on our trip. We have over 4000 photos on our little hard drive, including pictures from Poland, Iceland, Spain, Dublin and Mexico.

While visiting us in Dublin, my friend Árni showed us the KPhotoAlbum tool which has made managing our photos much easier. We have them organized and cross-indexed and finding stuff is easy. However, obviously we also want to share our photos with you guys.

So when we arrived in Mexico I decided to write a tool for publishing a selection of our photos on the web. I re-used code from my Partalistinn want-ads site, and the KPhotoAlbum database and came up with this:

I am actually ridiculously proud of this. Putting together my own private 'Flickr' replacement in two weeks isn't a bad achievement at all. :-)

For starters there are only three albums published; we'll be adding more during the next few days and hopefully adding some sort of preview to the blogs so people can easily see when new photos are posted.

Now, go admire our photos!


  1. hello! great to see you, read you, how long r u stayin in mexico? what's next? more photos!/filip

  2. I liked all the pictures but my favorites were those from Spain. I look forward to more. Thanks for the heads-up. :) Hugs, Mom


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