Friday 4 September 2009

Impressions of Mexico

Some random impressions of Mexico, in bullet list form:

  • Mexico is very big
  • and very beautiful
  • and very alive
  • and has more mountains and ruins than you can shake a stick at
  • speed bumps in Mexico are vicious
  • I am tall in Mexico
  • in Mexico, beer is good with salt and limes, and sometimes chili powder
  • in Mexico, toilet paper usually doesn't go in the toilet
  • in Mexico, finding food not made of corn can be tricky
  • Mexico City is called D.F.
  • in D.F. you thank air pollution for not getting sunburnt
  • in Mexico, hotels are cheap and plentiful, why book ahead?
  • ... or maybe things are just quiet because of the influenza
  • in Mexico, ugly grey brick houses are only painted with advertisements
  • in Mexico everything is for sale, everywhere. The "in-flight service" on a bus i D.F. is better than on most airplanes
  • Mexicans love color and sound
  • That siren means gas is for sale, the evening whistle means tamales
  • Mexicans love museums
  • Mayan culture is still quite alive in Mexico, those colorful costumes are not worn for the benefit of tourists like us
  • in Mexico, you decorate your car
  • in Mexico, babies do not ride in carriages, they are tied to their mothers in slings
  • in Mexico, the places we could consider living are all full of expats who got here first

We liked Mexico.

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