Wednesday 27 January 2010


Cordoba was a pretty, very European-feeling city, full of students and bars. We were still reeling a bit from the Argentinian prices, so we mostly just wandered around looking at things and people, window-shopping.

We stayed in a the very nice Grand Hostel, which actually was a hostel, not a B&B or small hotel as we had become used to. There was a TV room, a little cybercafe, a kitchen and an small courtyard with a ping-pong table. The staff were very friendly and helpful.

We cooked and played ping-pong, and sweated in the heat. Unfortunately, the internet access and TV room weren't of much use to us, as usually when we felt like using them, there was no electricity: our neighborhood at least had scheduled power outages every afternoon - exactly when we wanted nothing more than to hide from the midday heat and be nerds with air-con. Or at least a fan...

After walking around town we discovered that it wasn't just our neighborhood. The entire city seemed to be run on generators. Shops either closed in the afternoon or put small diesel generators out on the sidewalk and burned oil to keep the lights on and the freezers frozen. Weird.

Aside from wandering around, our Cordoba activities included a long morning at the post office, a long night at a local bar, and a day trip to nearby Cosquin. But the most memorable thing was definitely the ubiquitous generators. :-)

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