Sunday 28 February 2010

Pope Pius XI glacier

After Puerto Eden, we took the only real detour of the trip, sailing to the Pope Pius XI glacier.

The scenery as we sailed towards the glacier, was very dramatic, with other glacial tongues visible in the mountains around, seals or sea lions playing in the water, and of course icebergs floating away from the wall of ice we were approaching.

Ewelina and I stood up front, staring at the ice. At one point a section collapsed, falling to the water in a white cloud. Moments later, we could hear the distant boom. The ferry kept getting closer and closer, and I began to joke that perhaps the captain had fallen asleep and we would ram it. But we didn't.

A dinghy left the ferry, zooming ahead to gather chunks of glacial ice for the bar. We took lots of pictures.

That evening, the crew organized a game of bingo (which included dancing, a first for me), which turned out to be great fun. I didn't get to play for very long though, as I was the first winner! A single diagonal line earned me a Navimag cap and the "chance" to dance for everyone. Yay? At least I avoided the fate of later winners whose soundtrack was YMCA by the Villiage People...

The party afterwards turned out to be not entirely lame, we had some drinks and mingled, ending up at an Irish-organized after-party where I passed around the last of the Opal I had carried all this way and the Musical Backpack got to compete with tuneless singing for people's attention.

It lost, obviously. Poor thing.

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