Monday 3 August 2009

Bye-bye Mexico City!

It's almost 10am and I'm just waiting for Ewelina to decide it is time to wake up. We have to be out of the room before noon... and then we are going somewhere else.

We're not quite sure where yet, but it will probably be Oaxaca city in the South. It depends a little on what tempts us at the bus terminal.

Unnur and Adrian and Cat visited us last night, Unnur made a very tasty Mexican lasagne and which we ate with beer and conversation. Before they left we gave them shots of Icelandic Opalskot and Ewelina's grandfather's vodka and bags of food and books and other things we aren't going to carry with us South. It was a nice little good-bye get-together.

But now it's time to wake Ewelina and ask her to translate this to Polish. And say good-bye to Mexico City.

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