Sunday 29 November 2009


Where the Rio Maranon flows past Nauta, just before merging with the Amazon, we had a sudden change of plans.

We overheard that the group of American kids who were onboard with us were going ashore here, to get a bus to Iquitos. Instead of staying on the boat for another 8 hours or more, they hoped to reach Iquitos by land in less than two.

That sounded pretty appealing to us too. After being stuck for so long in Yurimaguas we still feel the urge to move rapidly when possible...

So, Ewelina and I quickly packed our belongings, finishing just as the Eduardo V reached the river bank. Five minutes later we were zooming along the streets of Nauta in a mototaxi, half an hour later we held onto our seats as a rickety old Chinese bus lurched out onto the shiny new road, us inside and our luggage just barely not falling off the roof.

Two hours later, we were in Iquitos!

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